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"Christy Hale's authors' visits are magical. She brings together her rich background
in art and design, along with her talent as
an educator, to present a fun, enriching
and hands-on Author's Day experience.
Our students love the activities that follow her talk, and our teachers are sold on
her presentations!"

—Marie Robinson, Librarian, Jefferson Elementary School, San Francisco, CA

"The kids loved playing with the raw materials that Christy brought for the
texture rubbing. It was so precious!"

—Laguna Art Museum membership assistant Amanda deLancellotti.

Reading Bug
Above: Collage at The Reading Bug

photos & testimonials


I enjoy family programs. Left: Old and young use recycled papers for collage and keep cool under a canopy at the Norton-Simon museum following my talk on Noguchi and The East-West House.

garden-makingmaking a gardengardengarden

Above: Making gardens at (MOCHA) Museum of Children's Art
Below: Landscape workshop at Laguna Beach Art Museum

Laguna Beach Art Museum
Reviews from fifth graders at Jefferson School in San Francisco:

"When you read it feels like it is real and it feels like we are in the story." —Kathleen

"When I grow up want to be like you." —Stella

"I think you and Noguchi are very much alike, because you are both creative. In my opinion making your own materials like the gum eraser stamps, ripped scraps of paper trees and rubbings from the wood steps was genius. I also liked the art project you gave us; the Dream House Design." —Theiry

"I appreciate the fact that you would let us touch your collages. I'm pretty sure you are the most flexible author I've ever met. This is a fact that makes you my favorite author!" —Fay

"I enjoyed the slideshow and making the floor

plan for a dream house." —Tim

"I think you're one of my favorite illustrators."

"Thanks for coming to our class. You gave me an unforgettable Author's Day." —Joanna

"My favorite part of your presentation was when you showed us the original artwork for The East-West House. It was fun when you showed us the materials you used to created the artwork." —Lisa

"My teacher is inspired by your art and so am I. I hope you make more books to inspire more children."